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Dr. Eeva Siljamäki

Siljamäki is currently a post doctoral researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and the lead-PI of a research and development project "Improvisation as transformational momentum for equity and safety in school communities"funded by the Kone foundation.

Her theoretical and practical applications range from improvisation pedagogy to design of social learning environments and professionalism in socially engaged arts practice.  

Siljamäki has contributed to the development of new methods and pedagogies at the interface of art, well-being and learning. Her instruments are collaborative interaction, improvisation and the voice. She holds extensive artistic and pedagogical expertise in diverse contexts ranging from adult education to higher arts education, organisations and health care. 

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2023 - Present

Post doctoral researcher, Koneen säätiö

Full time position as the lead principal investigator (PI) in the research project "Improvisation as transformational momentum for equity and safety in school communities" funded by the Kone foundation

2023 - Present

Post doctoral researcher, University of Jyväskylä

A part time position in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies.


Post doctoral researcher, University of the Arts Helsinki

Part time position as a researcher and developer at the CERADA Center for Educational Research and Academic Development in the Arts in two EU+ funded research development projects focusing on the expanding professionalism of artists, the artwork and Fast45



Doctoral researcher, Sibelius Academy


Coordinator, University of the Arts

Part time position at the CERADA Center for Educational Research and  Academic Development in the Arts, University of the Arts Helsinki. 

pedagogical responsibilities 

2020- Present

Supervisor and external examiner of Master's thesis

University of Jyväskylä, University of the Arts Helsinki

2013 - Present

Casual lecturer

Themes eg. socially engaged arts, improvisation pedagogy, pedagogical interaction, social learning environments, research ethics, social and performance anxiety

At the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences (Further education),  Department of Music Education (Masters level), University of the Arts Helsinki (bachelor and master level education and further education), The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Opinkirjo, Helsingin Evankelinen Opisto (HEO); Exploratorium Berlin, Finnish Students Health Society

positions of trust

2022 - 2023

Board member, Finnish Society for Research in Arts Education

In Finnish: Suomen Taidekasvatuksen Tutkimusseura (STTS)


Board member, Research Ethics Committee

University of the Arts Helsinki


Steering group memberships

Several interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary improvisation seminars and conferences at the University of the Arts Helsinki



Kone foundation 150 000 €

Funding for research and development project Improvisation as Transformational Momentum for Equity and Safety in School Communities. Eeva Siljamäki (PI) and research group. 

Read more here and here

Artistic responsibilities

2018 - Present

Workshop leader

Collaborative vocal improvisation

e.g. Kansalaisfoorumi (Rovaniemi, Tampere, Helsinki); Espoo Adult Education Centre; Olotila, Helsinki; several choirs


Also voluntary work at Niemikotisäätiö and Pienperheyhdistys


Arts and interaction pedagogue

Responsible developer and arts pedagogue in the trans-professional collaboration between the University of the Arts Helsinki and Finnish Student Health Services. See projects

2002 - present

Arranger of Choral Music, freelancer

Arrangements of choral music for female and mixed choirs in 2 to 8 voices.

Booklets by Sulasol: Sulaloi 12 Viihdyttäviä lauluja sekakuorolle, Sulaloi 11 Viihdyttäviä lauluja sekakuorolle, Sulaloi 8 Viihdyttäviä lauluja sekakuorolle, Sulaloi 7 Viihdyttäviä lauluja sekakuorolle, Sulaloi 6 Viihdyttäviä lauluja sekakuorolle

Recordings: 2012 Suupoppia (Avain säätiö), 2012 Hectorin lauluja - tarinoita elämästä (Espoon laulu). 2008 Ennen viimeistä pisaraa (Espoon laulu)


Choral Conductor

e.g. Escappella, Espoo; Espoon laulu, Espoo; Kumpula choir, Helsinki;
Evita -musical, Turku conservatory, Turku

Performing on recordings: 2014 Pepe & Saimaa, 2012 Hectorin lauluja - tarinoita elämästä, 2012 Suupoppia, 2008 Ennen viimeistä pisaraa - lauluja elämän kauneudesta ja kauheudesta


Music teacher, specialist

Eg. voice, choral singing, collaborative music, music theory, piano. Ranging from professional level to adult education and basic music education. At the e.g. Theater Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki; Matinkylä upper secondary school, Espoo; Turku Conservatory, Palmgren Conservatory, Sibelius Academy (music education), Keravan opisto

1995 - present

Performer, freelancer

Vocalist, most recent with the improvisation group Ääni-ilmiö collective Listen to her playlist here.

Performing on recordings: 2018 Oudot laulu vol 2. (Mental Beauty Records); 2011 Riisutut roolit - Sirkka-Liisa Sass'n lauluja (Global Music Centre); 2011 Ruuskanen Railio Strings : Samassa unessa (Groovy Chamber Pop / Maija Ruuskanen; 2008 Ennen viimeistä pisaraa - lauluja elämän kauneudesta ja kauheudesta (Espoon laulu)



Doctoral Degree

Doctor of Music (DMus), University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland

Doctoral thesis pass with distinction

"I have examined over 60 PhD internationally and this is one of the best I have read” (Examiner Prof. R. MacDonald, University of Edinburgh)


Master's Degree

Master of Culture and Arts with main field of study Master of Cultural and Media Entrepreneurship, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Finland


Master's Degree

Music Education, Master, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland

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